Dress to impress.

Your target audience needs to fall in love the very second they lay eyes on you.

And to do that you need clever, insightful designs that truly resonate with people. Websites, business cards, brochures…whatever the medium, we help you visually communicate the very essence of your organization.

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It’s one thing to have great copy. But it’s entirely another to have awesome designs that bring that copy to life. Our designers work with you to produce visually appealing materials that make a powerful statement.

At Creative Faze, we develop compelling and powerful marketing materials to shape your business. We identify your key goals and proceed to design creative strategies to achieve them. By striking the perfect balance between style and substance, we provide your audience with a unique and fascinating experience.

Our graphic design services include:

Brand DevelopmentLarge Format Posters
Corporate Logo and StationarySignage
Company ProfilesNewsletters and Direct Mail
Presentation/Pocket FoldersMagazine Layout
Annual ReportsPublishing
Promotional Booklets/Manuals...more
Web Design

It probably wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that most of your customers come through the web. In other words, a compelling website is a must. Work with our talented team of web designers to build an online presence you’re proud of.

Whether it’s a website or an application, design is a critical factor in your success. Creative Faze’s web and app designers think outside the box, push boundaries and work collaboratively with you to create visuals that pull your audience in.

  • Web Design
  • Application Design
Content Management SystemsWeb Applications
E-CommerceDesktop Applications
Social MediaMobile Apps for iOS and Android

Create it. Visualize it. See it. Whether you need a 3D asset or an architectural rendering, a complete video game design or the bird’s eye view of a new commercial space, Creative Faze produces AutoCAD drawings at highly competitive prices.

We work with contractors, investment banks and real estate developers to provide renderings of a particular space that play an important role in their marketing initiatives. And we collaborate with digital experts on a wide range of media projects that may call for cartoon characters, car designs or gaming sketches – there’s no limit to what we can bring to life.

Our rendering services include:

3D Architectural Renderings
3D Floor Plans
3D Assets (e.g. cartoon characters, car designs, gaming, etc.)
AutoCAD Drawings
Interactive Media

Are you evoking the desired response from your customers? What forms of media do you use to deliver your message? Could you be making better choices to get better results? See what the expert media consultants at Creative Faze have to say.

Our team looks closely at how users interact with media, what happens when they select, choose and manipulate media and what about the medium encourages users to take action. We analyze particular design features of websites, video games, presentations, video media, social media and smart phone apps to understand how people use them and what provokes them to use and respond in certain ways. The end result is a solution that performs optimally, helping you get what you want from your audience.

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