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Our Story

We are the solution to your problem and the executor of your idea.

Launched in 2007, Creative Faze is a design and development agency that likes to take the road less travelled. You’ll find us off the beaten path – somewhere bold and exciting. Brought together by a team of diverse experts, we’re a firm that can take you from the start line to the finish line with our holistic and phased project approach.     

Want to know what we’re all about?

Here are the most important concepts that keep us grounded here at Creative Faze.

KIS - Keep it Simple!

Maybe it’s complex, maybe it’s not, but whatever your situation, we break it down and simplify it so we can create the most practical and effective solution.

Be the Answer

If you have an issue, we address it. A new concept, we develop it. We solve problems and execute ideas.

Make Things Easier

Life is complicated enough. No matter what the project, we believe we’re able to make people’s lives easier on all fronts (for you, your staff members, your customers, and for us here at Creative Faze too).

Build Continuity

Throughout the entire process, we make sure the transfer of knowledge is seamless. We work together – not separately. One company, one team, one solution.

Be Transparent

Our windows are squeaky clean. Peer through the glass anytime to see everything on the other side. We communicate, keep you informed, explain what you don’t get and provide clear timelines all the way through.

Offer Specialized People & Products

Not only are we experts who specialize in our respective fields, but we also focus on particular development frameworks that allow us to master new platforms and deliver highly quality products at a faster rate.

Our Approach - Get'er Done!

Your brand is who you are.

It’s what you stand for.

It’s your identity and your purpose

all wrapped up in one.

We get it.

The Creative Faze team of consultants helps you build your brand from the very first time you pick up the phone to call us. We spend time with you and really listen – because before we can build, we need to learn. Tell us your plans, your goals, your concerns, the business problems you’re trying to solve and the crazy dreams you have for your business. And then let us work our magic as we set out to design and recommend a strategy that helps you accomplish what you want.

Our phased approach (Analyze, Create, Implement, Test, Evaluate) combined with our tireless research, best practices and hard-to-beat strategic thinking, gives us the firepower we need to understand your business and produce actionable results in line with your every goal and objective.

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Our People

Top Talent – Itching to Show You Why They’re the Best

We’re a company that crosses boundaries and exercises all the resources at our disposal to find the best of the best. When we bring new talent onboard – whether it’s a designer, developer, project manager or writer, we don’t limit ourselves by proximity. We acquire the best talent no matter where it is. There are no boundaries.

Meet Our Leads
Founding Partner
Lead Solutions Architect
Lead Solutions Architect
Lead Animator
Senior Designer
Senior Designer
Senior Animator
Project Manager & Senior Developer
Project Manager & Senior Developer
Marketing Strategist & Copywriter
Digital Marketing Partner

Why Work With Us?

You Get a Partner Who ...

LEARNS because they take the time.

Before we get right down to it, we make sure we educate ourselves about your business, your market and your brand.

LOVES what they do.

When you work with a company fueled by a passion and love for what they do, you get creativity, dedication and quality.

LISTENS intently.

A good listener is a good learner.

TALKS when the time is right.

Our input reflects years worth of knowledge, experience and insight.

SOLVES problems.

No matter what the project, there’s always a problem to solve. There’s always a solution to be made. This is our favourite part.

OBSESSES over every project.

We live and breathe strategy, design, development and marketing. And that means, day and night, our projects are top of mind.