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What We Do

It starts with your idea.

It ends with a Creative Faze solution.

Launched in 2007, Creative Faze is a design and development agency that likes to take the road less travelled. You’ll find us off the beaten path – somewhere bold and exciting. We push ourselves to think and move differently in order to be out in front of the crowd, delivering value wherever we go. A team of diverse experts, we’re a firm that can take you from the starting line to the finish line with our holistic approach to tech projects.

Here at Creative Faze, we like to stay grounded by committing to the core values and principles that define us.

KIS – Keep it Simple

By breaking down ideas into their most primal form, we’re able to clarify your purpose, simplify your product and give your users an easy, pleasurable experience that always keeps them coming back.

Less is More

By designing and developing with a bottom-up, grassroots mentality, we create space for end users to process information effectively without bombarding them. This way, they benefit from the full impact of your product.

Find an Answer

The tech space can be challenging and overwhelming but when we commit to being resourceful and never giving up, we know the answer to any problem is always just around the corner.


Our team is constantly evolving and advancing within the industry, making us experts in our respective fields. We make a point of focusing on particular development frameworks that allow us to master new platforms and deliver high quality products at a faster rate.

Build Continuity

Knowledge transfer must be seamless throughout the lifecycle of a project. We achieve this through collaboration – working together, not separately. One company, one team, one solution.

Be Transparent

Our windows are squeaky clean. Peer through the glass anytime to see everything on the other side. We communicate, keep you informed, explain what you don’t yet understand and provide clear timelines every step of the way.

Our Approach - Get'er Done!

Your brand is who you are.

It’s what you stand for.

It’s your identity and your purpose

all wrapped up in one.

We get it.

The Creative Faze team of consultants helps you build your brand from the very first time you pick up the phone to call us. We spend time with you and really listen – because before we can build, we need to learn. Tell us your plans, your goals, your concerns, the business problems you’re trying to solve and the crazy dreams you have for your business. And then let us work our magic as we set out to design and recommend a strategy that helps you accomplish what you want.

Our phased approach (Analyze, Create, Implement, Test, Evaluate) combined with our tireless research, best practices and hard-to-beat strategic thinking, gives us the firepower we need to understand your business and produce actionable results in line with your every goal and objective.

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Our People

Top Talent – Itching to Show You Why They’re the Best

We’re a company that crosses boundaries and exercises all the resources at our disposal to find the best of the best. When we bring new talent onboard – whether it’s a designer, developer, project manager or writer, we don’t limit ourselves by proximity. We acquire the best talent no matter where it is. There are no boundaries.

Meet Our Leads
Founding Partner
Lead Solutions Architect
Lead Solutions Architect
Lead Animator
Senior Designer
Senior Designer
Senior Animator
Project Manager & Senior Developer
Project Manager & Senior Developer
Marketing Strategist & Copywriter
Digital Marketing Partner

Why Work With Us?

Because we care.

At Creative Faze, we love our work, we invite new challenges and we do whatever it takes to craft the ideal solutions for our clients. We’re a tightly knit team that operates more like a family than an office, and when you choose Creative Faze, you become part of that family too.


Before we work, we listen first.


Design and development are our bread and butter – we love seeing projects come to life.


We dive in deep, looking in every nook and cranny of your project.


Thinking differently is something we take great pride in. It’s also what enables us to create solutions to even the most complex problems.


It’s about you, and we love connecting with clients we can jive with over the long-term.


We don’t need to tell you we’re passionate about our work – it’ll be clear from the minute we meet.