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CPHR (Chartered Professionals in Human Resources) Alberta required a complete redesign and redevelopment of their CPHR Alberta conference website. As Alberta’s premier professional development and networking event for HR professionals, the CPHR Alberta conference is the largest HR tradeshow and exhibition in Western Canada. The primary goal for CPHR Alberta was to rebrand the conference site to be visually appealing, easy to navigate and optimized for mobile browsing across all platforms.

How We Made it Awesome

The CPHR Alberta Conference Website

Listening closely to CPHR Alberta’s needs, we achieved the major objectives but also provided two innovative backend features that addressed their biggest pain points and enabled the organization to easily manage their conferences year after year:

  • Archiving Functionality – This feature allows the client to archive their entire conference website every year, which allows for easy referencing back to past conferences if required in order to view previous sponsors and more.
  • Customized Website Theme – With this, CPHR Alberta can re-skin the website for each new conference based on year-specific elements and changes.

By carefully assessing and evaluating CPHR Alberta’s needs and by putting our knowledge and innovative solutions to work, Creative Faze implemented all features in a reliable and responsive manner, providing our expertise every step of the way. Shortly after our completion of the CPHR Alberta conference website, Creative Faze was engaged by CPHR Alberta to redesign and redevelop their main website.

The CPHR Alberta Main Organization Website

Similar to the conference website, Creative Faze was responsible for the complete redesign and redevelopment of the organization’s main website ( CPHR Alberta wanted to rebrand this site with all the same objectives as their conference site, and in addition, needed the complete reorganization of their content.

We accomplished all key objectives outlined by the client, and in addition, provided archiving functionality (similar to the conference website) and the ability for end users to set regional preferences when they land on the site. Based on the user’s location selection, relevant “Learn and Connect” information is immediately presented.

Creative Faze provides complete hosting and support to CPHR Alberta, and we continue to work collaboratively with them to make enhancements and improvements on both websites on an ongoing basis.


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