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Crossbridge Condominium Services ( required a complete rebrand, redesign and redevelopment of their website. In addition to the customer-facing pages, this Toronto property management company also required an employee intranet, which would enable staff members to access internal documents and features. Recognizing the importance of mobile devices, they also wanted to ensure a consistent web experience across tablets, smartphones and desktop screens.

How Creative Faze Made it Awesome

Web Design

Our team of web design and development experts completed the strategic redesign of Crossbridge Condominium Services’ site to ensure minimum downtime and the rapid integration of all new features. Our primary aim, however, was to improve the usability of the site for clients and vendors alike. Our teams achieved this goal by delivering the following components of the redesigned website:

  • Content Restructuring – We restructured the site’s content, and organized links in a way that would be easily accessible and understandable to users.
  • Graphical Redesign – Our design experts created new graphical elements to make the site cleaner and more engaging, and to draw attention to the most important parts of each page.
  • Infographics – We used infographics and other visuals, including charts, to make data easier for visitors to understand. These colourful charts now liven up many pages of the site.

Employee Portal

As we redesigned Crossbridge Condominium Services’ website, our team of programmers also implemented an Employee Portal. This intranet is accessible only to Crossbridge Condominium Services' clients and staff members. It enables them to access certain internal documents and features – such as the calendar of upcoming events and meetings – from any internet-capable device. This portal also protects sensitive documents and data with several different levels of permission.

Multi-Device User Experience

It was important to Crossbridge Condominium Services that their website look and behave consistently across desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. Our expert mobile designers created and implemented a responsive multi-platform experience for our redesigned version of Crossbridge Condominium Services’ website. The site now detects whether a user is visiting from a desktop, phone or tablet, and adapts its presentation accordingly – all while providing a smooth and consistent user experience across various devices.

Creative Faze continues to provide web hosting, technical support and maintenance for Crossbridge Condominium Services' website.

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