Website Design: When Less is More

Website Design
May 14, 2021

From home decor, to fashion, to lifestyle in general – the minimalism trend continues to gain popularity. When it comes to website design, it turns out that considering a minimalist design can be a good idea. Think “less is more” or better yet, “doing more with less”. We want to simplify and eliminate the “unnecessary” not merely for aesthetic purposes, but with the goal of enhancing the user experience. Consider the following aspects of website design where we see how adopting a minimalist perspective can have many benefits:

Navigation Bar

Have you even been on a website where there are so many pages and sub pages that you just don’t know where to find the information that you’re looking for? Gather all the information that needs to be on your website and then strategically organize and group information accordingly to eliminate unnecessary pages to make navigation easier.


Defining a color palette not only helps your branding, but can also help “set the tone” of your website. Strategically choosing a limited color selection can evoke specific emotions, possibly eliminating the need for extra graphical elements. You can even narrow it down to one single color for a monochromatic color scheme, which seems to be a popular modern trend in website design.

>> Trying to decide on a color palette for your financial brand? This blog post might help.


Along with eliminating distractions, limiting animation on your website may also improve page loading time. However, adopting a minimalist style in website design does not mean you have to have a boring website ;) Consider incorporating animation but keeping it subtle and only applying it if it contributes to a more functional and intuitive user interface.


Editing your website’s copy to eliminate needless words can contribute to an overall clear message. Keeping titles / headlines simple and “to the point” can also better guide users around your website. Avoiding “word-y” copy in general can contribute to an overall cleaner aesthetic which can be more inviting (as oppose to overwhelming) for users. Once you’ve eliminated unnecessary words, consider using bold typography on a clean background to make your message loud and clear, but in true minimalist fashion.

These are just a few ways where less can really be more when it comes to website design. Interested in talking web design and web development? Whether you are a minimalist or not, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Let’s create something that’s as unique as your business.

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