Website Design: Color Palette Ideas for 2022

Website Design
January 05, 2022

Pantone has spoken, officially announcing the 2022 color of the year: Very Peri, described as “a new pantone color whose courageous presence encourages personal inventiveness and creativity.” The selection process for the Pantone color of the year requires thoughtful consideration and trend analysis. And so should the colors of your website ;)

The colors you choose for your website can effectively set the mood, evoking particular emotions in your audience. When considering your website design, you’ll want to think about the overall “look and feel” that you want to convey. Need some inspiration? Here are a few color palette ideas that seem to be trending for 2022:

1. Pastels

The softness of pastel colors has the ability to subtly add lots of color without creating a sense of “busyness” on your website design. Pastels offer a soothing and sense of calmness (which, let’s admit, is something we’ve all been craving these past few years). Designers continue to be creative with these dreamy color palettes, incorporating pastels in airy gradients or pairing them with edgy, unexpected patterns and colors.

2. Earthy

Also evoking feelings of calmness, natural palettes of muted browns, reds and greens continue to be a popular choice. Think rustic tones with colors inspired by nature that feel warm and down-to-earth. The neutral palettes can create a “back to nature” or “back to basics” vibe but at the same time feel “refreshing”.

3. Retro

Retro color palettes have been popular the last few years and the trend seems to continue in website design. Think color palettes of the 70s and 80s that evoke a sense of fun and familiarity. The colors are bold, yet muted, and bring feelings of nostalgia, comfort and cheerfulness. Perhaps we all just want a piece of the good ol’ days again?

Of course, your color selection also depends on factors such as the type of business you run, the industry that you serve and your intended audience. What works for another business may not necessarily be right for your website design.

Need help choosing the perfect color palette for your website? If you want to talk all things web design and development, please get in touch! Our experts in website design are ready to create a website that you and your customers can get excited about.

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