What is a Landing Page and 3 Tips to Create a Great One

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January 17, 2022

In terms of digital marketing, your landing page is an important tool that can increase conversion rates.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone web page that a user "lands" on after they click on a link from an email or ad for example. Landing pages are designed with a single focus in mind, with the purpose of encouraging the user to complete a specific action, such as to sign up for something or make a purchase.

3 Ways to Improve Your Landing Page

1. Less is more.

For website development in general, we are fans of keeping it simple. So in terms of landing pages, we definitely recommend keeping things clean and clutter-free. As the purpose of your landing page is to focus on achieving one goal, i.e. the call-to-action (CTA), it’s best to eliminate unnecessary images, text, or design elements that may simply become distractions. Keep content “to the point” and remember that white space is your friend.

2. Make sure it’s mobile-friendly.

This is a no-brainer considering the amount of web traffic that occurs on mobile these days. You want to make the user journey as easy as possible so keep in mind website development elements such as forms and ensure they are optimized for mobile environments.

3. Add video.

There are many advantages of using video on your landing page. Video not only boosts engagement, it allows you to communicate your ideas in a more compelling way. An explainer video, for example, can provide information about your product or service using your brand’s voice in less than 2 minutes! On the other hand, testimonial videos utilize customer voices that can help validate your business.

We love creating explainer videos, by the way!
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Whether you need a smashing landing page or a full website, please get in touch! Our team of website development experts are ready to get the conversation started and the creativity flowing.

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