Mobile Apps: Design Trends for 2022

Mobile Apps
December 16, 2021

With mobile accounting for approximately half of web traffic worldwide, it's no surprise that many businesses are implementing mobile apps into their business plans and processes. In the first quarter of 2021, mobile devices (excluding tablets) generated 54.8 percent of global website traffic (

If you’re thinking of developing a mobile app for your business and need some UI / UX design inspiration, here are three trends when it comes to mobile apps:

Dark Mode

The dark mode trend continues for mobile apps, making it possible to perceive content at lower levels of brightness, as well as reducing the amount of energy consumption of your mobile device. By using the right contrasting colours, content (e.g. text, icons) can still stand out nicely. Dark mode can help alleviate eye strain but it also seems that many simply love the sense of sophistication it adds to the design of mobile apps.


‘Less is more’ is not always easy to adhere to with so many design ideas that you want to incorporate (or simply because you want to ensure that you're giving users everything they need!). However, allowing users to focus on the content, supported by a clean and clear design, is a great approach for a winning user experience. Mobile apps with readable fonts, prominent buttons and minimalist visuals can also be easier on the eyes compared to busy fonts and graphics.


Adding animation to icons or illustrations can be a fun addition to mobile apps, as well as a way to provide feedback to a user’s actions. As fun and cute as they are, be careful not to over-do animated graphics. When strategically used, subtle animations can improve the user experience in various ways, such as creating a desired mood or evoking a specific emotion, indicating to the user that an action has been performed, or simply drawing the user’s eye to a specific area of the screen.

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