Web Design: Using a Template vs. The Custom Approach

Web Design
September 15, 2021

Are you contemplating whether you should use a template for your website or go with a custom web design approach? There are advantages and disadvantages for both, so it’s best to evaluate the needs of your business and what works best for you. Here are some pros and cons for using a template vs. a custom web design approach:

Using a Template


Cheaper – If you’re just starting out or still in the beta phase of your business and not able to invest much, using a template provides a very budget-friendly approach for establishing an online presence (you can purchase a template for under $100).

You may be able to build it yourself – Depending on your comfort level with web design and using website builders, you may be able to get a website up and running without needing to hire anybody else to do it for you (which goes hand in hand with the point above of providing an overall cheaper solution).

Quick – As the design is already implemented, once you have website hosting in place you can basically insert your copy and images and have a live, functioning website.


Not unique – Other businesses (possibly even a direct competitor) can have the same website as you since the template is readily available for purchase.

Limited design & customizations – Templates allow for some design customizations (colors, font styles, etc.) and you can always explore the possibilities of using plugins for additional features, but there are definitely limits. For example, with general layout in place, you may be limited as to where you place text or images – unless you are knowledgeable in coding and are able to revise the code (and if you need to make lots of custom coding revisions, you may simply want to consider a custom web design approach).

Custom Web Design Approach


It’s as unique as your business – Whether you want to stand out from your competitors or you have a unique business model that requires unique website functionality and features, a custom web design approach allows your website to stand out from the crowd.

Scalable – A custom website can grow with your business. Developers can add new features as your business evolves, as oppose to working within the limitations of a template (also consider that support for templates may be limited or simply come to an end).

Credibility – Consider what potential customers will think if they land on a generic website vs. a one of a kind website that is truly branded to your business. Keep your website consistent with all your marketing channels and your customers will know that they are in the right place.


More expensive – Whether you choose to hire a freelance developer or an agency with a web design team, the custom approach will cost significantly more than purchasing a template online. There are simply more hours involved such as consultations (to understand your business and to know your requirements) to production time (design, coding, testing, etc.).

May take longer – Unlike using a template, you will not be able to have a custom website up and running in a day. A custom approach requires planning and discussing your requirements with a web design professional.

If you’re looking to get started on a new website for your business, please get in touch! Our web design experts would love to create a website that you and your customers can get excited about.

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