Three 2020 Web Design Trends That We Are Loving

Web Design
October 01, 2020

2020. What a year. In an effort to continue with positive thoughts and make it to the end of 2020, we are listing three of our favourite web design trends that this wonderful year has brought!

1.  Minimalism.

Declutter your home, declutter your mind and now your website. Start by bringing that same tidiness and organization to these website elements for easier navigation and an overall ‘cleaner’ look:

Navigation bar / Menu. Re-evaluate whether you need all of those web pages.

Large blocks of texts. Break up lengthy paragraphs or better yet, trim the text overall.

Clearly define a colour palette. The 60-30-10 rule suggests three colours, where your primary colour is 60% of your website, secondary colour is 30% and accent colour is 10%.

2.  Illustrated Elements

We’ve been seeing lots of cartoon-like illustrations, hand written style fonts, hand drawn icons, etc. adding a sense of playfulness to websites this year. Take a walk on the wild side and dare to mix real photographs with illustrated elements. Note that this web design trend may not be suitable for all websites. As always, consider your target audience – will they interpret the illustrations as childish or immature perhaps?

3.  You’re hero doesn’t need to be an image.

Your hero image – the large image that is front and centre of your website landing page – does not have to be a static image. Alternatives that are making headlines in 2020:

Video. These days, it’s evident that video is a prominent marketing tool and so why not let video be the hero. Captivate your audience with an engaging video the second they land on your website.

Text. Some brands are getting straight to the point with nothing more than strong, bold typography placed front and centre. It may seem counterintuitive but when done properly, the right design and choice of words as the hero image is proving to be quite effective. We are attributing this web design trend to item #1 on this list.

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