Website Design: 3 Easy Ways to Humanize Your Brand

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June 15, 2021

In a time when story-telling is key, when consumers want experiences in addition to a product, humanizing your brand in order to make it more relatable is so important. You may have a great product and worked with a digital creative agency to create a well-designed website, but how well are you truly connecting with your audience? From building trust and connection and essentially giving a face to your business, humanizing your brand shows your audience that you are not just a product with a website and well... are in fact, human! Here are 3 ways to humanize your brand.

3 Easy Ways to Add That Human Touch to Your Website

1. Have a Team page.

Instead of a general About Us page, showcase your team with photos and short bios. Even if website visitors don’t read the details of each team member, simply having the faces of your company on your website can make your business more ‘real’ in the sense that there are real people that make up the business (as oppose to merely being a website that serves to advertise a product). What you share about your team members does not need to be traditional, resume-style bios, as you will see in the next point….

2. Don’t be afraid to show off your funny bone!

A bit of humor can help make your brand be more relatable. Smiling and laughter is a good thing and can even make your content more memorable. For example, instead of the usual resume-style team bios, inject humor into your team page by showcasing an unexpected side of team members, such as fun facts (which are relevant to your business or product). Of course, humor is not suitable for all businesses, so use at your discretion.

3. Add an Explainer Video.

An explainer video can give your brand both a face and a voice. Whether a human face or an animated one, having a face for your brand can help to establish an emotional connection with your audience. If you choose to work with a digital creative agency, you’ll want to discuss your brand’s ‘voice’ (e.g. is it playful? Authoritative?) to ensure that the messaging in your explainer video is communicated in this tone. Although explainer videos are usually less than two minutes long, they are a great tool for brand story-telling!

Did you know that we are a digital creative agency that loves to dream up and create explainer videos? If you need a compelling way to showcase your product and your brand, let us know! We would love to put your story into motion.

If you're in need of a website that showcases your product and engages with your audience, don't hesitate to get in touch! We are a digital creative agency that loves to talk all things web design and development!

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