Website Design Tips for Wealth Management Websites

Website Design
March 01, 2021

The following website design tips can be applied to other businesses, however we discuss them here in their relevancy to the wealth management industry. If you own or work for a wealth management firm, you know who your ideal clients are. Does your website appeal to your desired audience? Consider the following website design tips:

1. Effectively Communicate Your Company’s Unique Brand.

Is your brand being effectively communicated when potential clients land on your website? All wealth management firms want to communicate things like trust and professionalism, but your firm’s unique brand should be clear in the colors, imagery and text used on your website (and furthermore consistent across all marketing channels). Is your firm traditional and long-established? Or perhaps very modern and equipped with an innovative digital platform? Using key messaging and strategic website design can make your firm’s website more memorable.

2. Highlight Your Team.

Clients want to see the experts who make up your firm. Including a web page dedicated to introducing your staff (your leadership team, at minimum) so potential clients can “get to know” the people of your firm. Use professional photos accompanied by professional bios to showcase the specific expertise of each team member to add an even more personable touch.

3. Use an Explainer Video.

Whether you have a unique service that you offer or simply want to explain your services in a concise and effective way, consider using an explainer video to do the job. Website visitors are more likely to hit the play button on a video that is under two minutes long, rather than read through long paragraphs of text of financial information. A customized explainer video can also effectively communicate your brand and key messaging in a creative and memorable way. As an added bonus, using video on your website helps with your SEO rankings.

If you are looking to talk website design and development for your wealth management firm, please get in touch! We work with a number of clients in the wealth management and estate planning industries and would love to hear from you.

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