3 Layout Design Ideas for Your Website Homepage

Web Design
March 18, 2023

When it comes to web design, your website layout contributes to more than simply aesthetics – it can strategically guide the user through the optimal navigation of your content, focusing on key information and messaging. Therefore the layout of your homepage is important as it’s often the starting point of the customer journey. There are numerous web design layouts to consider for your homepage. Here are just 3 examples of layouts to give you some ideas:

The “Z” pattern.

The Z pattern in web design works with the idea that we read left to right, top to bottom. That is, when our eyes scan a page, we start at the top left, move right, then down and back to the left, moving right once again. An example of utilizing this pattern would be to place your company logo at the top left, the navigation menu and / or an important call to action at the top right. Then some captivating content as the user continues down the page from left to right, followed by another key call to action at the end of the page.

The full screen image.

Using a single full screen image can provide an immersive feel to a homepage layout, with a compelling visual immediately grabbing the attention of the user. Whether you use a photograph, illustration or video, the visual should be applicable to your service or product and evoke the relevant emotions. One advantage of using a full screen image layout in web design is that it generally translates well on mobile devices.

The split screen layout.

This layout gives a symmetrical aesthetic by splitting the screen vertically into two sections. You can fill it with complimentary content, such as an image on one side with relevant text on the other. The balanced design also works well for a business that has two specific categories of products or services. For example, an ecommerce website that offers clothing in both adult and kids sizes might consider this type of layout design.

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