Best Practices for Your About Us Page

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May 02, 2022

The About Us page is essential to any business website and is a place where your brand can really shine. Whether you are working with a digital creative agency or developing your website content on your own, you’ll want to ensure this important page of your website accurately showcases key aspects of your business such as your brand story and / or the face(s) of your business.

Here are some best practices when it comes to the content of your About Us page:

A clear opening statement.

Include a clear and compelling opening statement that draws potential customers in and encourages them to keep reading and want to know more. Whether you state what you do or sum up your ethos, keep it focused and concise.

Introducing you and your team.

Your About Us page is the page to literally put a face to your business. So including your name and photo along with that of your team (if applicable) is not a bad idea. Including names and photos adds to your credibility and legitimacy and furthermore humanizes your business and brand. Take it a step further by including short bios for yourself and each team member. If you do decide to include photos, use professional head shots / photography.

Explaining your values.

What does your business stand for? Gain the trust of potential customers by explaining your values with authenticity and sincerity. If you are working with a digital creative agency, make sure to convey details of your branding so a consistent ‘voice’ is used to tell your story throughout your website.

Finally, your About Us page should be dynamic, not static. Allow the content to evolve as your business evolves. If you hire a digital creative agency to design and develop your website, ensure to have a user-friendly CMS (content management system) in place that gives you the ability to easily and efficiently edit the contents of each web page. Furthermore, keep in mind that the design and content should work together for conveying your brand story.

Are you looking to work with a digital creative agency to create a website for your business? Please get in touch! Whether you need compelling content writing or full website design and development services, we are a one stop shop for digital creative services, ready to take your business to the next level.

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