Digital Creative Agency vs. Freelancer: Who Should You Hire?

Digital Creative Agency
November 18, 2021

Need a new website? Printed marketing materials? Help with branding? Struggling to decide whether you should hire a digital creative agency or a freelancer? There are advantages of working with both and it all depends on what works for you and your business. Here are three advantages of hiring a digital creative agency as well as three advantages of a freelancer.

Advantages of Hiring a Digital Creative Agency

Range of Services
With a digital creative agency, you’ll have access to an entire team of creatives with a broader range of skills and services. This can translate into a one-stop shop for all your business needs as well as better cohesiveness for your overall marketing strategy.

A digital creative agency will usually have scheduled meetings or calls to give you updates, ask for feedback, etc. in regards to your project. This is advantageous especially for larger projects so you can be informed of important key milestones and have confidence that the project is moving along.

Legal Matters, Credibility
When it comes to legal matters, guarantees, etc. a digital creative agency will usually be more official as they will have legal contracts to uphold as well as their reputation.

Advantages of Hiring a Freelancer

A freelancer will be cheaper to hire as you are contracting one single person to get the job done rather than an entire team. If you need to stay within a smaller budget or are trying to lower your costs, then hiring a freelancer is the more economical choice.

Many freelancers do not work the traditional 9-5 working hours and are more flexible with time in order to meet the needs of their clients. Some freelancers may be willing to work on the weekends in order to complete a project or to consult with clients.

Short Term Projects
Freelancers are more apt to taking on smaller projects that require specialized services or short term tasks that they can quickly turnaround (which is a win for everyone).

If you think working with a digital creative agency is the right choice for you, please get in touch! Our team of creatives and digital experts are ready to create something you and your customers can get excited about.

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