Video Marketing: What’s New in Explainer Videos

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January 29, 2023

Do you need an explainer video to showcase your product or service? A digital creative agency can help inform, educate and engage your customers with this popular video marketing tool. Investing in video marketing in general -- no matter the size of your business or what industry you are in -- is a smart move. According to data collected by Statista, there were an estimated 3.37 billion internet users consuming video content in 2022.

Here are three popular explainer video trends for 2023.

Use for Onboarding

Take the onboarding experience from good to great with an explainer video that delivers instruction and entertainment. Explainer videos should be short and easy to understand, just like the onboarding experience. Consider working with a digital creative agency to create an animated explainer video that makes client onboarding for your web application or digital tool a memorable one.

Combine with Augmented Reality (AR)

As AR continues to advance and become increasingly popular, combining this technology with an explainer video can produce winning results. The interactive qualities of AR can translate into more engagement with your audience, therefore improving user experience. Although more expensive, the final product will be more immersive and can offer a truly unique experience for your customers.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation continues to be on trend and unlike AR, a more economical choice for businesses with limited budgets. It’s simplicity in nature and low cost continue to make this style of animated explainer video a popular choice for businesses across all industries.

>> Check out our online Portfolio and click on 'the Video Marketing' tab to see a few explainer videos that we've created!

In need of a digital creative agency to help you showcase your product in a compelling and engaging way? Whether you need an explainer video or other video marketing tools, we’re here to help! Get in touch and let’s create something that you and your customers can get excited about. Our digital creative agency’s team of video marketing experts is ready to discuss all things explainer videos!

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