Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails Development
March 10, 2020

User-friendly, flexible, well-supported, and convenient – these best describes Ruby on Rails. A bunch of start-up companies prefers using Ruby on Rails to build their site for the exact same reason. If you’re still not convinced – here are a few reasons why developers prefer Ruby on Rails for their websites.

Ruby on Rails is Time-Efficient

Ruby on rails is built to be time-efficient by allowing developers to use ready-made plugins and modules. These ready-made plugins help the developers avoid the tedious task of writing boilerplate codes. It has long been proven that developers using the Ruby on Rails framework finishes their project 30-40% faster than others using a different programming language.


Ruby on Rails promotes consistency through its standardized file storage, as well as programming conventions that serve as a structured guideline for developers to keep the project as consistent and as readable as possible. The consistency, readability, and simplicity of ruby on rails also allow other developers to seamlessly take over the project.


When using ruby on rails, you don’t have to worry much about the cost of development since it’s an open-source framework. Meaning, you don’t need to shell out cash for the framework itself. And since Ruby on Rails is open-sourced, there are tons of Gems available online that could prove useful to a developer, allowing them to significantly cut downtime in developing features.

High-Quality and Bug-Free Projects

Rails have what we call the “Minitest tool” that allows you to run comprehensive tests on your build ranging from expectation syntax, test benchmarking, mocking, and many more. The tools equipped in the Ruby on Rails framework promotes test-driven developments or TDD, as well as behavior-driven development approaches.


Since we’re talking about a webpage for a start-up here, it needs to be able to scale well so that you can easily transition when your business starts to grow. Luckily for you, Ruby on Rails offers excellent scalability.

Scalability is the potential for an application – specifically your website, to grow with your business, for it to be able to handle an increase in traffic and requests in the future.

Tons of Literature

There is no lack of information regarding Ruby on Rails. There are books, blogs, and even conferences all dedicated to it. If you want to learn more about Ruby on Rails, a quick google search would land you in some very informative blogs and articles about it – this included.

Convention Over Configuration

Ruby on Rails is best known for this concept – convention over configuration. It allows the developers to spend less time on menial tasks by assuming logical situations by default rather than them creating new rules every single time.

The convention over configuration concept allows a developer to create many things in such a short period of time by reducing the number of decisions a developer has to make, as well as get rid of any complexity in having to configure every single area of the application development.

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