Hayley Kiernan

Marketing Coordinator
Human Resources Institute of Alberta (HRIA)

Hello, I am Hayley with HRIA in Calgary, Alberta. HRIA first engaged with Creative Faze in 2014 to develop our annual conference website. After a successful launch, we decided to sign up with them again in 2015 to redevelop our corporate site. We signed with them because they’re easy to work with and Farzana is really straight to the point. They do a really great job of understanding our needs as well as our audience’s needs when it comes to web design and functionality. We like that! If Farzana doesn’t understand something we’re asking for, she’ll book a GoToMeeting or a phone call and makes sure she does by end of that call. Since our website launched in August 2015, we’ve seen a 15-percent increase in traffic and our bounce rate is steadily decreasing. I’m really looking forward in working with Creative Faze in the future to continuously improve and develop our site, and I would definitely recommend them to someone.

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