Scott Huff


Hello, my name is Scott Huff and I am the CEO of Yourefolio. I wanted to take this moment to share with you this unsolicited testimonial of my experience of working with Creative Faze over the last year. As a young company it is vital to our success to work with the right companies so going through the RFP process, I was quite impressed by the attention to detail that Creative Faze puts in their RFP responses and their pricing models, so as we chose to work with Creative Faze on various projects for the last year, some of which I hope they highlight for you, we put a few rules in place in our processes and one of those rules of course is communicaton. Communication is the key, and I can tell you that with flying colors Creative Faze supersedes our expectations. They respond quickly. They keep us in the loop and they bring innovative suggestions to us. And of course, the second rule we put in place is always to think outside the box when bringing us suggestions to improve our user experience. The suggestions they bring are brilliant, second to none and they provide our users with that WOW factor and always quality of work, and I can say with no compromise to pricing that the quality of their work has to level some of the largest developers in the world. So if you’re considering using Creative Faze for one of your projects and want to know a little more, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll provide you with every detail that I have had with my experience with them and thank you for listening to this testimonial.

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