The New Breed of Digital Creative Agency

Digital Creative Agency
October 18, 2016

Technology has taken many forms throughout history, and it still continues to awe and inspire!  From smartphones, computers, tablets, laptops, cameras, home appliances to so much more, it seems that technology is becoming increasingly important and essential to our daily lives.  It has simplified our chores, entertained our evenings, and connected people across the globe.  Everywhere you look, you can see the influence of technology.  From communicating to looking up information, technology can make many areas of our lives easier, often with just few clicks.

The internet is one of the first things many people think about when they consider today’s technology.  People of all ages are utilizing online services and many are highly proficient, particularly younger generations.  Individuals, businesses and other organizations are finding ways to connect, coordinate, and cooperate through online resources.  Doors are opening up new opportunities every day.

It seems that most things in this world change with time, and a perfect example of this is the world of advertising. There are a lot of things that are now being digitized and moved online, and we can see this in the way advertising has evolved in recent decades and has also moved into the cyber realm.  Now, we have digital creative agencies that cater to online advertising needs. For most businesses, advertising is a huge part of their marketing budget, and companies go to great lengths to make sure they are advertising in the right way to the right group. Digital creative agencies are sometimes mistaken as advertising agencies; however, they are not. Though they serve quite similar purposes for their clients, advertising agencies primarily deal with traditional mass media, while digital creative agencies deal with internet and digital campaigns. In addition, advertising agencies make their money on ad placements rather than the work itself, while digital creative agencies make their money by the service they give their clients in creating the ad they were hired to create.

Technically, a digital creative agency is not a web design company like many people mistakenly believe.  Digital creative agencies have extensive skills, knowledge and expertise in many areas that a typical web designer does not. A genuine and well-founded digital creative agency understands every client need and has all the tools and expertise necessary to meet the need of the client.

A good digital creative agency is usually composed of broad-minded people, artistic storytellers and great problem solvers. These people provide the creative edge to a project.  They may also be helpful in developing a solution for clients with budget constraints or other limitations.  In addition, a digital creative agency should partner with their clients in meeting the goals. The client should feel welcome to express thoughts, and the agency should allow for open communication. The digital creative agency should also encourage the client to share his or her ideas in developing the project so that the final product represents the client and is well matched with the rest of his or her business. There should be collaboration and partnership between the two parties, the client and the agency, to have a successful outcome and meet the project’s goals.


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