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March 24, 2018

Technology these days is very accessible. Although technology comes in many different forms, when most people think about technological advances they picture electronics.  Indeed, most people are excited to get their hands on the latest electronics.  The most common technology that almost everyone has these days is the cellular phone. It is very rare to meet or to see someone nowadays who does not have or has not used a cellphone or mobile phone. We used them to communicate, to stay informed, and to be entertained with the help of another form of technology—the internet. The internet these days has been called a necessity as millions of people access it on a daily basis.

As the technology evolves, to have just a cellular phone is not enough anymore for many people. Presently, a new technology called a smartphone is becoming more and more popular.  Basically, smartphones are newer, more hi-tech and have a lot more features compared to a regular cellular phone. Smartphones are not just used to communicate but are also used for entertainment and browsing websites like using a computer. Tablets are also popular. These gadgets are similar to smartphones in that they offer many of the same benefits. With the existence of smartphones and tablets, mobile web apps have come onto the scene.

All smartphones have applications or what we usually call mobile apps. A mobile app is a software application that is designed to run on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. There are also mobile apps that are pre-installed or already there before we purchased the device, such as a web browser (Google, Safari, etc.). When we use our newly bought smartphone or tablet, we can see that there are apps that are already installed like the calendar, maps, clock and many more, and these are examples of pre-installed applications. Usually, these applications cannot be uninstalled or cannot be removed on your smartphone or tablet.

One way devices can be both entertaining and social is by accessing social media or game applications. Mobile applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, games, mobile web apps and many more are usually present in every smartphone or tablet. With the presence of these mobile applications, have you ever wondered how they are created?

These mobile applications together with mobile web apps undergo a process called mobile web apps development. The person who does mobile web apps development is called a mobile web application developer. To be a mobile web application developer, it requires a wide range of knowledge and patience as the process is very crucial. It also requires a lot of patience as you will be dealing with codes in mobile web applications development. The mobile web applications developed by the developer are not real applications. They are websites that look and feel like native applications or applications that can be installed through application stores such as Apple App Store and Google Play but are not implemented as such. Mobile web applications are typically written in a programming language called HTML5 and are run by a browser. A hybrid application is the counterpart of native application; hybrid applications are partly native and partly web applications. These applications can be installed through application stores and can be used to many device features available.

The process of mobile web apps development is really complicated but as with many things, if you put your mind to it, you could learn. As has been mentioned above, to be a mobile app developer requires extensive training, a wide range of knowledge, experience, perseverance and patience. Determination will also surely help.

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