Mobile Apps vs. Web Apps

Mobile Apps
June 08, 2022

Do you know the difference between Mobile Apps vs. Web Apps? What are some advantages and disadvantages of each and therefore, what works best for your business?


A mobile application is a software program that is specifically designed to operate on mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets (as opposed to desktop or laptop computers). Mobile apps run on specific platforms such as iOS for Apple devices and Android Operating System for Android devices. Users download mobile apps from an app store and then install the app onto their mobile device.


Quick access – Users can simply click the app to open it rather than opening a web browser and navigating to a URL each time.

Stay “top of mind” – Users continually see your app on their home screen and are more apt to use it when they need the services that you offer, i.e. the app makes it convenient to choose your business over others as the answer to their problem.


Cost – Mobile apps are expensive to develop and come with a maintenance cost as they require regular updating.

Time – Although the payoff may be advantageous and the investment will prove to be worth it, it does take time and planning to develop mobile apps.


A web application, on the other hand, is a software program that runs on a web browser. Unlike mobile apps, the user does not need to download and install the application onto their device.


Compatibility – As long as the web browser is compatible, users can access a web app. A web app can also run on various platforms in terms of operating systems.

Faster development – Web apps are generally quicker to build and in addition, don’t require approval from an app store in order to launch.


Require online connection – Users require internet connection to use web apps, whereas many mobile apps will often have features that continue to function even when offline.

Performance – A web app typically performs slower than a native app / one hosted on a local server. It also runs completely on the internet so a poor internet connection may affect quality and user experience.

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