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Yourefolio ( needed some additional features added to their software application. The company’s estate planning software enables advisors to help their clients prepare and protect their estate arrangements. Previously, Yourefolio used several independent developers to assist with different parts of the software, but they quickly came to the conclusion that this approach was not ideal. It was hard to maintain the software, difficult to follow up with multiple developers and nearly impossible to ensure consistency in the code. They needed to hire a firm that could bring complete continuity, reliability and consistency to the project from beginning to end. And the results couldn’t be better — an on-going partnership where new ideas are endless. From an explainer video to a mobile app, creativity and collaboration never stops.

How Creative Faze Made it Awesome

Plan Design Summary

We began by reviewing the existing code and design of the entire software application. Building on that diverse code base, which had been assembled from the diverse work of numerous independent developers, we created and integrated the first of the four features. This flowchart feature allows estate advisors to create flowcharts for their clients, enabling clients to clearly see how their various assets will be distributed to their beneficiaries.

Creative Faze was able to effectively manage the project and work with software code written in a wide variety of styles. We designed and implemented the new flowchart feature in a way that integrated seamlessly with their existing software. Soon after our completion of this first feature, Yourefolio engaged Creative Faze to develop three more features for their software.

The Family Album Feature

This second feature enables the end user to upload photos and videos of memorable moments, for their family to view after they’ve passed away. We began developing this feature from an existing plugin, but customized it to function exactly the way the client had specified. The feature we delivered actually opens like a photo album – an extra little touch that delighted the client.

The Interactive Estate Planning Module (iEPM) Feature

Aimed at lightening the workload for estate advisors, this third feature provides electronic signup forms that integrate directly with Yourefolio’s estate planning software. Clients can fill out these forms at their leisure, rather than in the estate advisor’s office, which significantly reduces onboarding time. In another innovation, we created an animated avatar to guide the client through the process. We customized the avatar, recorded original voiceover and animated it, managing the entire feature from initial design to final implementation.

The Estate Plan Overview PDF Feature

Finally, we completed this fourth feature, which enables the advisor and client to export their Estate Plan Overview with the single click of a button. The feature exports the full Overview in a neatly formatted PDF.

Creative Faze now works with Yourefolio to further enhance their software, to offer recommendations to make it more robust, to develop and implement even more new features, and to provide ongoing application and hosting support.

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