All About Dark Mode

Website development
July 23, 2022

Dark mode is a popular style and continues to be a trend in the website development space. Thinking about utilizing this trend for your website? Here is a quick summary all about dark mode.

What is dark mode?

Dark mode, in terms of website development, is when a user interface (UI) specifically uses a dark colour for the background, usually black or a dark shade of grey. Anyone who looks at a screen for long periods of time knows that dark mode reduces eye strain when compared to the traditional white UI. So dark mode, especially in low light environments, can help decrease headaches, blurred vision and eye pain – symptoms which occur with our increased screen time. In addition to being easier on the eyes, dark mode also uses less energy and therefore saves battery life.

Best Practices

Below are some best practices for using dark mode when it comes to website development.

Use desaturated colours. When placed on dark backgrounds, colours with high saturation tend to “vibrate”. It’s best to stick with a muted palette like pastels for example. This may mean adjusting brand colours during website development in order to deliver an equally good user experience in dark mode.

Dark grey over black. A dark shade of grey is easier on the eyes as oppose to pure black. Avoid high contrast (which can be hard on the eyes) by using shades of grey and desaturated colours.

Let the user choose. Users like the element of customization. Allowing the user to toggle between light and dark mode gives the opportunity for the user to have control over aspects of the UI, therefore creating a more individualized experience.

Considering dark mode for your website? Please get in touch! Our team of website development experts are here to talk dark mode and more to ensure your site delivers a top-notch user experience to your customers.

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