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Markham Stouffville Hospital ( needed an app to help families coordinate health service appointments. As this hospital knew, parents and caregivers often have to manage appointments with numerous health service providers at clinics across the region, dealing with a variety of medical fields that each use their own terminology. This unfamiliar world of health professionals can be intimidating for families – especially at the initial stages of intervention – a fact that created the clear need for a user-friendly application to help parents and caregivers navigate the health system.

How Creative Faze Made it Awesome

Markham Stouffville Hospital engaged Creative Faze to develop a mobile app to promote Markham Stouffville’s three York Region agencies:

Children’s Treatment Network (CTN) -,
Early Intervention Services (EIS) - and,
Child’s Development Programs (CDP) -

The app makes it easier for families to distinguish, manage and schedule appointments with these agencies and connects them to resources that help support their child’s development.

Our team of app designers and development experts created a mobile app called In the Loop: My Child’s Service Passport. The app runs natively on both Apple and Android devices.

Practical Help

This mobile application makes it easier than ever for families to manage appointments, plan for discussions with clinicians, distinguish between different health professionals' scope of practice, and understand technical terminology. The app handles each of these tasks through a simple user-friendly interface.

Empowering Families

Users are able to keep information organized for each child, along with relevant information about each health agency. This empowers parents and caregivers to better understand the health system, enabling them to communicate their needs to health professionals more clearly and to contribute more actively to the management of their child's intervention.

Superb Performance

The application was completed in April 2016. It is currently available for download in the Apple and Google Play stores. Over the first four months of active use, the client has heard only positive feedback. The app is bug-free and has experienced no crashes. Users report that they find it intuitive and easy to use.

Positive Results

The In the Loop app has already created a shift in the health care industry. A growing number of health agencies have reported that In the Loop has increased the number of visits they’ve received and other agencies have contacted Markham Stouffville Hospital directly, requesting they be added to the app.

Creative Faze continues to provide support for the In the Loop application, and looks forward to further app enhancements as well as future collaborations with Markham Stouffville Hospital on other creative projects in the future.

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