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Center of Hope (Haiti), Inc.( is a Connecticut-based non-profit organization, which provides food, shelter, education and healthcare to children and caregivers in Haiti. They were looking to redesign and redevelop their website with the goal of streamlining their website content and simplifying their online donation process. Creative Faze had worked with Center of Hope, Haiti in the past and was keen to help this non-profit achieve their goals once again.

How Creative Faze Made it Awesome

Streamlining Website Content

One of Center of Hope, Haiti’s goal for the new website was to reduce their current content for a more streamlined presentation of information to potential donors. This meant evaluating their current 10+ page website, significantly reducing the content and re-organizing it in such a way that visitors could find the information they wanted within seconds. The result was a website with 5 key pages that would still effectively share their story and give donors the information they desired.

Simplifying the Donation Process

With all of our clients, Creative Faze ensures that all objectives are met by providing innovative ways to keep costs low, while not jeopardizing the quality. It was no different with Center of Hope, Haiti. One of their key objectives was to make the donation process as easy as possible. To achieve this, Creative Faze simplified the online donation process in numerous ways:

  • The website integrates a branded donation widget from the GiveLively platform on the non-profit’s homepage. The widget is responsive and a donation can be made in just a few clicks.
  • Through the main donation page, donors can easily select a specific fund to donate to, if desired.
  • A ‘sticky’ donation button that is always visible to website visitors allows for quick and easy access to the main donation page at any point during their visit.

Mobile-First Website Design

Center of Hope, Haiti recognized the need for a website that seamlessly supports mobile devices as well as desktop computers. Creative Faze’s team of mobile design experts created a mobile-first design, ensuring that the site was equally responsive and usable across desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Creative Faze continues to provide support and maintenance for all aspects of Center of Hope, Haiti’s website, and offers ongoing enhancements and consultancy as needed.

Non-Profit Community Partnerships and Giving Back

As Center of Hope, Haiti is a non-profit organization, Creative Faze provided a reduced rate on all work performed. We have also completed some work for Center of Hope, Haiti on a pro bono basis. As part of a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, Creative Faze offers reduced pricing for non-profit and community organizations, recognizing that budgets are often limited. We aim to support the efforts of organizations in this way and continue to work with a number of non-profit and community groups. If you would like to learn more about our involvement with non-profit communities, please get in touch!

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