Center of Hope, Haiti Inc.

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Center of Hope, Haiti ( was looking for the right team to redesign and redevelop their website in order to provide a consistent experience across desktop and mobile devices. This Middlebury, Connecticut-based nonprofit organization, which provides food, shelter, education and healthcare to children and caregivers in Haiti, also wanted to achieve a significant increase in visibility and traffic to their site.

How Creative Faze Made it Awesome

Our team of web design experts began by examining Center of Hope’s website in detail to pinpoint areas where usability and engagement could be improved. With the client’s approval, we then began implementing our redesign throughout the website.

Responsive Web Design

Center of Hope recognized the need for a website that seamlessly supports mobile devices as well as desktop computers. Creative Faze’s team of mobile design experts created a complete mobile-first design of Center of Hope’s website, ensuring that the site was equally responsive and usable across desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Digital Marketing

Our expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) proved highly useful to Center of Hope, as the organization had been struggling for some time to implement an effective SEO strategy. Working with their limited budget, we provided strategic consultancy on how to increase traffic to their website by implementing best practices and SEO functionalities. Though the client’s budget does not support a full digital marketing effort, they have contracted Creative Faze to provide ongoing consultation on their in-house marketing operations. Our team of marketing experts advises on a variety of aspects of the client’s marketing strategy.

Because Center of Hope is a nonprofit organization, we charged a reduced rate on all work performed. We also completed some work pro bono.

Creative Faze continues to provide support and maintenance for all aspects of Center of Hope’s website, and offers ongoing enhancements and consultancy as needed.