Website Development

Website development
November 29, 2016

According to studies, people use the internet primarily for enjoyment and to get information about their hobbies. There are a lot of reasons why people use the internet, but most likely it is for personal use. The internet is also used as a marketing tool by private and public organizations and businesses.

To discuss a brief history of the internet’s existence, it was created to facilitate information within the military. Apparently, due to the massive release of personal computers, it became very popular. People make use of the internet to get quick access to information and communicate with others, especially through social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and Skype. Basically, it was created to communicate, and even now, it is still used for communication.  People are still using to the internet to be able to communicate only this time, it is with their loved ones, friends and co-workers. As stated by one study, roughly 30 percent of the world’s population uses the internet.

The internet isn’t used just to communicate in a traditional sense, but it can also be used by businesses to advertise and for the people to socialize and gather information, too.  The internet is a popular source of entertainment as well. In fact, the entertainment industry as a whole is increasingly reaching their target market through the internet. People can stream and watch videos, download music, play games and much more. File sharing could also one of the reasons why using the internet is popular to many. The internet gives people the ability to share files through Google Mail or Yahoo Mail for instance. These are just some of the reasons why the internet is popular and very useful to millions of people.

Every time we use the internet, for whatever purpose we have, we visit websites to do the things we need and we want to do. A website is the venue to where we get the specific information we need and do the particular task we have to do. A website consists of a collection of related web pages that has multimedia content (like images or videos and other digital assets or World Wide Web files) and that includes a beginning file called a home page. A website is hosted on one or several web servers and is usually accessible via the internet, cell phone or a LAN (Local Area Network). A web page is a document, typically written in HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, which is always accessible through Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP. HTTP is a protocol that transmits information from the web server to display in the user’s web browser.

Websites are our tools to be able to do what we want to do online, but have you ever wondered how they were made? Basically, websites are created through a process called Website Development. A person who does website development is called a Website Developer and undergoes extensive training. Website development includes processes such as Website Design, Web Content Development, Security Configuration and many more. The process is not easy because it requires patience and a wide range of skills to have a website up and running. Fortunately, these days, if you want to have a website for your business or for any other reason, there are already a lot of experts who can do it for you. The price may not be cheap, but it is surely worth it. In addition, many websites are not made or managed by one person; they are often managed by a group of web developers that maintain the website. The website for a business needs to be maintained and managed very carefully, especially if the internet the primary way of marketing their products.

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