Website Design Importance

Website Design
January 01, 2020

Why Website Design is Important

The fact that if people were given fifteen minutes to digest content, 66% of internet users would opt for a beautifully designed piece over something plain. If there’s anything we can derive from this is that your website’s design plays a huge factor in building your online presence.

Here are the reasons why investing in web design isn’t for a lost cause.

  • First Impression

The moment your website loads on the screen of your audience, you’re giving them the first impression. Subconsciously, the visitor judges your company within the first few seconds. It can either impact them on a positive note or not.

If you haven’t touched your site’s design for quite some time, visitors will see it as a negative sign of an untrustworthy business operation. Also, if it does not capture their eyes, you won’t make a long-lasting impression. Thus, you’re giving away clients to your competitors.

Having an appealing web design means your audience stays on your site longer, increasing the chances of closing a deal for a higher conversion rate. It also helps you in keeping leads on-page.

  • SEO Factor

Web design also carries an SEO factor. Most of the website design element influences on how a marketer publishes content on the site, affecting how Google can index the website.

If there’s anything you don’t want to mess up in digital marketing, it’s search engine optimization. Investing in good website design, you’re practicing good on-page fundamentals, increasing your chances of becoming visible to your target audience.

This also means your website design should be SEO-friendly, and there are numerous factors affecting it. For first-time digital marketers, work with a digital agency who knows how to implement the SEO code to the design.

  • Customer Service

Just by looking at your site’s design, your visitors are able to tell how you will treat your potential customers. It’s a window on how you, as a company, perceive your audience.

With that said, if they see you didn’t put effort at all in your design, then it can show how little effort you’re willing to put in helping them.

Think of it this way – your website is your customer service representative. It’s your front liner, and that’s why you should make it bright, appealing, and inviting to make your guests feel more welcome and at ease.

An outdated website can translate to being cold and aloof to your audience, making you look seem unapproachable. It’s the face of your business; therefore, a friendly face is necessary.

  • Work with Digital Marketing Experts

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