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May 17, 2016

Nowadays, the world revolves within technology. As what they say, technology today rules the world. Anywhere you look at, technology is there. On a day to day basis, we often use technology as our way of communication and it changed our ways to interact with others. Literally, technology makes our lives easier in so many ways. Making the world move faster is basically the best advantage we can get from it.  From mobile phones, tablets, computers,  and the internet are just some of the most used technologies we have these days. If you will ask why, the answer is simple. With technology, everything is simple and accessible. It gives so much comfort to people day by day. Technology, like many things existing in this world these days has its pros and cons to people because we all know that technology is a product of the evolution of mankind but we oversee the negatives and they are outweighed by the benefits we can get from it. In general, technology affects people positively and negatively. However, the pros of technology prevail over its cons. We as users of technology are the ones responsible on how we should take balance in using it. Negative effects are also visible nowadays and there are also a lot of cons to discuss if we will go to it one by one. We as humans have the full control with it, as what they say don’t let technology control us. Let’s just take advantage of what we can benefit from it as that is really the purpose of technology in this present time.

I am pretty sure that you are familiar with mobile phones. This is maybe one of the material things which anyone in the world commonly have. We use this technology for us to communicate easily with others even with people miles away from us. It connects people from different side of the globe which understandably advantageous for the majority. Mobile phones are the best examples on how technology can give us so much comfort.

With mobile phones, there are what we call smart phones which are more high tech and where you can do a lot like surfing and streaming. In every smart phones there are mobile applications installed to it like facebook, instagram, youtube, . etc. There are also mobile web applications that are preinstalled and can be installed by you personally like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet explorer etc. We use these web mobile applications in surfing the internet through our smartphones and tablets like how we use them on our computers but just with different interface. We are all familiar with the applications mentioned but most of us do not know how they were made.

Mobile web applications developed by mobile web applications developer are not real applications, they are websites that  look and feel like native applications (apps that are installed through application stores like google play and apple app store)  but are not implemented as such. They are typically written in HTML5 (a programming language) and are run by a browser. These developers are working hard so that these web application apps will support the mobile users. Statistics show that there are more people using smartphones or tablets in surfing the internet rather than using their computers or laptops as it is more handy and portable and this is the reason why they are keep on developing and improving web applications.

Aside from Native apps and Web apps, there is whis what we call Hybrid apps. Hybrid applications are partly native and partly web applications. Same with Native apps, hybrid applications can be installed through application stores and can be used to many device features available.

Now, if you are living or residing in the Queen City of Toronto and you want to have a mobile application created for your business or for other purpose, you have to worry no more. Just within the city, you can find experts who are well experienced to make your mobile application. Prices on mobile web apps development in Toronto may vary depending on preference but one thing is for sure, you will have only the best.

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