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July 11, 2016

These days, technology is everywhere. It plays a big role in our daily lives as it helps us make a lot of our everyday activities much easier. You may have heard the quip that technology is one of the man’s greatest inventions. Truly, technology makes our lives easier in many ways. Communication, for instance, has been revolutionized by technological advances even in just the last few years. Technology may not literally cause the world to go around, but it certainly affects how we run everything that happens within this world.

Many of us depend on technology every day of our lives. The internet, computers, smartphones, tablets and other items are evolving and becoming more and more available.  It seems that almost everyone knows how to use and take advantage of technology, like a smartphone.

Smartphones and tablets are two of the most common items people have in today’s society. We use them to communicate with our loved ones even when they are thousands of miles away from us, to socialize, to express to the world our ideas and thoughts, and to entertain ourselves during our spare time. In using our smartphones and other devices, we have applications to help us use wireless devices similarly to how we would use a personal computer (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc.). We also have other applications, like YouTube, to entertain ourselves by watching video clips and mobile games to play when we have spare time. A native app is one that is installed directly onto the device, like Skype, FaceTime, Angry Birds and many more. Some applications might come preinstalled, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or the like. On the other hand, you do not need to download and install a mobile web app on your device.  We utilize mobile web applications through our browsers, just like we would on our personal computers, but a mobile web app is tailored specifically to function on a mobile device.  If you have a mobile phone, then chances are that you, too, are familiar with different applications.  Have you ever thought about why apps are necessary in the first place?

Mobile applications were created as a result of the mobile culture we live in today.  The mobile web refers to the use of browser-based internet services from portable devices, like smartphones. Previously, we could only use the World Wide Web through laptops and desktop computers, but due to evolving needs and technology, we can now also access the web through cellular phones, tablets, and more.

Mobile web applications created by mobile web application developers are not genuine applications; they are sites that look and feel like native applications (applications that are installed through application stores like Google Play and Apple’s App Store) but are not implemented as such. They are normally composed through HTML5 (a popular programming language) and are run by a browser. These developers are in high demand because statistics show that there are currently more people who use their smartphones for browsing the internet than PCs or laptops.  Smartphones are just more accessible and convenient.

Along with web and native applications, hybrid applications also exist somewhere in between. Hybrid applications are part native and part web application. Hybrid applications can be installed through application stores just like native applications and can be used with many device features.

Mobile web applications are meticulously created by mobile web developers, the professionals responsible for a mobile web apps existence. It usually takes more than one person to create a mobile web application, and it requires enough time, patience, knowledge, skill and perseverance to be able to create and maintain a successful mobile web application.

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