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digital marketing
May 15, 2020

Digital marketing is a very special branch of marketing that uses devices that are or can be based online – such as mobile phones, desktop and laptop computers, and other media devices – to promote certain products and services. Basically, it’s a virtual billboard for all your marketing needs. And there are a number of different digital marketing strategies you can choose from.

Types of Digital Marketing

  • SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of getting traffic or visibility from the free search results on search engines. After searching a specific keyword using a particular search engine ( Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages can be seen by the users. The user receives a results page based on browsing history, keywords, location, and the time of day. Your rank determines the visibility of your site. You get your site to appear at the top of the results by optimizing your search engine. This means working to improve your site both from the inside (content) and the outside (relations).

  • Search Engine Marketing

Contrary to SEO, Search Engine Marketing or SEM deals with paid traffic from search engines. With this type of digital marketing, you purchase ad space that appears on a user’s search engine results page (SERP). Some of the most common paid search platforms, like Google AdWords and Bing Ads, require you to pay a certain amount in exchange for publishing your advertisement. They display your advertisement in a variety of places on a SERP through specific keywords or phrases. An example of this is pay-per-click advertising. This digital marketing method charges your company each time your advertisement is clicked. Social media has recently adapted to this particular method.

  • Social Media Marketing

Everything you do to improve the traffic and visibility of your company, products, and/or services through the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like is known as Social Media Marketing. It's no question that social media is the biggest market there is in the internet universe. That being said, it is also the perfect platform to advertise your company. It allows you to interact with your market in a closer, more intimate manner. You also gain more accurate and useful feedback through this type of marketing method. One of the best tools for this method is what we call "sharing." It basically means free advertising for you.

  • Content Marketing

This type of marketing method is great because it melds good content with other types of marketing, such as social media marketing and SEO. In order for you to gain sales and generate leads, this type of method requires you to provide quality, meaningful content to your users. Examples include Youtube video blogs, Tweets, and blogs on your website. Always be mindful of your content. Always see to it that your content appeals to your target market.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Those who use affiliate marketing include bloggers and e-commerce websites. It's basically hiring someone to sell your products or services for you. Affiliate marketing is a method that requires you to pay for conversions. You determine the rate for this type of marketing and the affiliate earns a commission. If you choose this marketing method, you must make sure that all your terms and conditions are discussed thoroughly beforehand.

  • Influencer Marketing

This type of marketing uses people who are considered to be experts by your market. These people have a huge online reach and are beneficial for your market in order to earn sales and increase traffic and visibility. These people are considered to be famous. Celebrities and singers are examples. Sites such as Instagram and Snapchat hire influencers to promote their products and services by posting pictures with them and the product/service in it. Always be sure of who you are hiring before you hire them. Make sure their followers are real accounts and not fakes. Verify their Google analytics if you must.

  • Email Marketing

With this marketing method, you update your email subscribers regularly about your company. This is unlike any of the other marketing strategies as it creates an intimate relationship between you and your market as they find value through your emails. These subscribers were not paid, they were earned therefore making them more valuable. These people will most likely become active buyers.

  • Viral Marketing

Viral marketing causes a very big ripple in website traffic in a very short span of time. This marketing method is when a post that is funny, trendy, and/or weird enough gains a massive amount of shares online. This is, in a way, connected with social media marketing.

  • Mobile Phone Advertising

With the use of your mobile phone, you can advertise by using SMS as a mode of communication. This could prove to be useful in local marketing. Each of the types of digital advertising can be applied using mobile phones.

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