Digital Marketing

digital marketing
April 21, 2019

Welcome to the  21st century, where self-driving cars are actually not so in the distant future anymore but is actually real. Where everyone has a smart-phone, information is accessible to anyone, and you can connect with anyone anywhere through social media.

Most people are glued to their phones 3-4 hours a day, may it be watching videos, reading forums, or lazily browsing through social media. And as an entrepreneur, if you’re not taking advantage of that, you are already way behind. In order to be successful in today’s age, you have to have an online presence!

Establish your presence on the online world through Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is always about how you connect with your costumers or audience at the right place and time, and today’s age, that is online.

Digital marketing is a new marketing strategy that blows the others off the water. It’s a way to use the internet in order for you to leverage your business, be it through social media, search engines, email, and websites. It’s a way for a wider audience to discover your business.

What are other forms or tactics of Digital Marketing?

A good digital marketer will have a clear understand on how each tactic can support each other in order to reach their goal.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

This tactic is used to increase your websites rank on search engines, thus increasing the traffic of your website. Websites, blogs, and infographics are the ones who benefit the most with this tactic.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the promotion of assets with the goal of generating traffic, brand awareness, lead generation, and costumers. The channels that can make the best use of this method are blog posts, E-Books, Online Brochures, and infographics.

Marketing Automation

This refers to automating your basic marketing operations such as email newsletters, social media post scheduling, contacts updating, lead-nurturing workflows, and campaign tracking and reporting.

Email Marketing

Emails are often used to promote content, events, as well as to direct people to the businesses website. Email marketing are also a form of communication to your costumers. Email Marketing usually covers blog newsletters, follow-up emails, welcoming new customers, promotions or discounts, or tips.

Inbound Marketing

In this one, you can use every digital marketing tactic to attract, engage, and delighting costumers to your online content.

Does Digital Marketing Work for all businesses?

Knowing all that tactics, you might wonder if that is applicable to your business. The answer would be a resounding yes! Digital marketing works for any business in any industry. Regardless of your product, digital marketing is all about building your online persona or presence, to identify what your audience wants and to create valuable content to cater for them.

How and where can I start?

On top of managing your business, it might take too much of your precious time trying to build an online presence. It is more time efficient and practical to hire a company who is more than capable of doing all those things. Introducing, The Creative Faze.

The people at Creative Faze specializes on various things, from building your website from scratch, managing it, and making your online presence be heard. They are a team of driven individuals who are committed on giving you the best value, and top quality results for their clients.

The Creative Faze team will look at your ideas from a different perspective and will always come up with innovative ways to implement it. With the consumer habits always changing, there are always new things to learn, and that’s where Creative Faze excels, in thinking on their feet and adapting.

Allow us to help your business grow, flourish, and capture new audiences.

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