Choosing a web app developer

Choosing a web app developer
May 04, 2019

In today’s time where most people are glued to their phones 4 to 5 hours a day – mobile apps are becoming a staple in advertising, and marketing your business. It’s also a way to earn income and have a direct line of communication with your customers. 

And if you are a business owner – one thing that you need to know is technology is moving fast and with it comes new ways of reaching out to your new and existing customers. If you don’t stay ahead of the technological curve, then you might fall behind in the race.

As technology evolves, the lazier people get. Most people want to access information in a single press of their phones. Especially if that person is on the go – they want their information, activities, and transactions on an mobile app. Businesses have started to notice this and is leaning on developing engaging mobile apps.

Let’s highlight some of the advantages of a mobile app compared to a website.


You can’t customize your website to fit all your customer’s needs. The information, and features are all the same across the board. But not on mobile apps – mobile apps give user the more engaging interaction with the business with location tracker, customized information, push notifications, discounts, and more.


Compared to websites, a mobile web app has a much friendly UI or User Interface which makes it easy to find information whenever and wherever you want it. But on the downside that your website is not mobile friendly, then managing and giving information to your customers will prove to be difficult.

Quick Service

People nowadays are always on the go – and with that they need or expect a quick response whenever they have concerns. There is where a mobile web app can help you the most. It can give you a 1 on 1 interaction with your customer so you can meet their needs or provide them with clarification if they need any.

Choosing a good mobile web app developer.

Now that you know how a mobile web app can greatly help you in your business endeavors – It’s time to get started on your mobile web app. And for that, you need a good mobile web app developer. Here’s what you can do to narrow your choices down.

How much development on your app do you need? Are you starting from scratch?

There are templates that a developer can use to give you a quick, simple, and cheap app. But since you’re making an app for your business, it needs to have advanced features and functions that can leverage your business even higher. A good mobile web app developer will give you the highest quality work. And by high quality, we mean a clean code, good design, and will put your app in heavy testing before releasing it.

Avoid Freelancers.

You are relying on your mobile app for customer service, commerce, and more – and it’s best to avoid a one-man team. It’s not like we don’t support freelancers, but when running a business – it’s best to avoid freelancers in running your business because:

  • A freelancer might have multiple projects and will struggle in your project.

  • A freelancer might be a good coder but being one does not mean you excel at other fields in developing a mobile app.

  • A mobile app needs constant updates and maintenance – a freelancer might not offer you support after launching your app.

Identify your platform.

Some mobile web app developers only focus on one platform like iOS or Android. Some specialize in both. Make sure you talk to the mobile web app developer and see if they meet your requirements or have the necessary skill in developing your mobile app in your preferred platform.

Can you work with them?

A good mobile web app developer will not only execute your ideas in excellent quality, but will offer more ideas to make it even better for you and your customers. Ask about the process, talk to the project manager. Is the communication great between you and the developer? Communication is crucial when developing your app.

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